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Class Description:

This study group class is for students who have a working knowledge of the USACO Bronze level algorithms, and have taken [USACO BRONZE] (or equivalent). Students do additional practice and discussion on more advanced problems within the level in a guided group environment. This study group spends more time on practice and discussion than lectures and introductions. This kind of open-ended work helps students get past sticking points in problems and clarify lingering questions about underlying concepts. Students may guide some of the discussion by bringing up problems or topics they'd like to focus on. The regular meetings of the classroom format also help students ensure they're sticking to a healthy practice schedule.

Background: The USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) requires a significant amount of time reviewing and practicing in order to promote to the next level. This is true even after initially learning problem-solving strategies in a class or through online study materials. Group study like this can be a big contributor to putting in that necessarily follow-up time and increasing the chances for promotion!


[USACO BRONZE] or equivalent


USACO format, Arrays review

Array Algorithms - speeding

Weirder Arrays - Fence Painting

Harder Array Algorithms

Even More Arrays

Review - Array Algorithms

Quiz - Array Algorithms

Strings - circlecross

Strings & 2D Arrays - Team Tic Tac Toe

2-Dimensional Arrays - mowing

More 2D Arrays

Review - 2D Arrays and Strings (USACO cownomics)

Quiz - 2D Arrays and Strings


USACO Classes - badmilk

Implementation Practice (measurement, cowqueue, balancing)

More practice (measurement, balancing, outofplace)

USACO Finale - bcs

All Class Times

Spring Semester: Once Per Week

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Friday Feb 3 - June 16
8:45 PM - 9:45 PM ET
18 out of 18 lessons left
Main Teacher:
Andrew Tourtellot**
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3 spots left!
Saturday Feb 4 - June 17
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
18 out of 18 lessons left
Main Teacher:
Qianhe (Janet) Yang**
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